With a Bike ScoreĀ® of 94, the neighborhood of West Hillhurst is considered a biker’s paradise.

Shared bikeways, trails and pathways are in abundance in the area’s surrounding Upper West. Get to work, take a scenic tour down Memorial Drive, or enjoy a relaxing afternoon in one of the parks. Here’s a few pit stops and perks of biker living at Upper West.

Riley Park

From your door at Upper West to the gorgeous Riley Park is about 7 minutes by bike. With 9 hectares, this park features one of four city-run wading pools, a cricket pitch, playground, seasonal washrooms and a trail around the perimeter.

Shared Bikeways

West Hillhurst has some of the best bike lanes, partially attributed for it’s flat-as-a-pancake topolography. You can hop on the trail just off Crowchild and get to Karl Baker Off-Leash Park, or head east to 21 St and go either south to the Memorial Drive pathways, or north to 5th Avenue & beyond.

Bike Storage

We built Upper West with the neighborhood in mind. Don’t worry about your bike hanging out in the front hall or taking up your balcony, we have secured bike storage located on the first floor.

Fall in love with West Hillhurst at Upper West

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